Helmet obligation:
The safety helmet handed out with the admission ticket must be worn on the entire AUSTROFOMA premises (AUSTROFOMA Village, Forest Trail, Firewood Village)!

alkohol verboten

Alcohol ban:
The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited on the entire AUSTROFOMA grounds! Violators may be expelled from the premises by security personnel!

betreten verboten 2

Observe all barriers, they must NEVER be crossed!


Avoid hazardous areas:
Staying in hazardous areas of the machines used is strictly prohibited!


The instructions of the security personnel and the project management must be followed in any case! Persons who do not comply with the AUSTROFOMA safety rules or who disobey the instructions of the safety personnel and the project management may be expelled from the AUSTROFOMA premises.

feuer verboten

Open fire / smoking prohibitions:
Handling open fire is prohibited! Cigarette butts must be disposed of properly to prevent forest fires!
A general smoking ban applies in case of acute forest fire danger!

betreten verboten 3

Wooden piles:
Stepping on wooden piles is prohibited - danger to life from rolling logs!


Admission is only permitted for children over the age of 12 who are accompanied by a supervisor of full age. A guardian is required until the age of 16.


The General Conditions of Carriage of the Stuhleckbergbahnen apply.